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Hi, I’m Kourtney.  The dollybirds are my daughters, who light up my life and bring joy to my day*.  I am busy, and I try to be happy, and I am intensely creative.  

Dollybird Workshop is my project, my business, my dream; my blood, sweat, & tears**.  It’s continually being redefined by my interests & free time, both of which vary.  I’ve drawn, sewn, made jewelry, & knit since I was a small child.  I’ve flirted with painting, cross-stitch, wheat-weaving, tattoo design, liquid embroidery, collage, decoupage, writing, tatting, & sculpture.  Crochet continues to elude me. 

For several years, I’ve been consumed by knitting, with a recent branching into spinning & dyeing as well.  In the past, I’ve worked with an extensive range of textiles, ranging from the very luxurious to the hardcore technical.  This has given me a taste for natural fibers, although sometimes you can’t beat the synthetics.  Knitting has captured me because it’s so forgiving, so flexible, so free to the imagination.  It also fits neatly into spare pockets of space & time. 

You can email me at “kourtney (at) dollybirdworkshop (dot) com”.

Back to my knitting,


*They also bring noise. 

**Occasionally, literally.  I don’t find that knitting draws too much blood, but man, watch those sewing needles, I tell you.

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