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A Teeny Darn

Maybe two teeny darns.

The first darn is a metaphorical darn. I give a very small darn that I haven’t blogged more. There’s a lot going on, and almost all of it isn’t happening to me. It’s happening to people I support and love, and so I find it exhausting and stressful and difficult, and I also don’t feel that it’s appropriate to share those stories on the blog. So that leaves me feeling a tad inauthentic… which means I don’t blog.

But I miss blogging. Soooo I may make veiled allusions to crappy days if need to; or not. But I miss sharing what I create. Another effect of all the everything is that my publishing designs is on hiatus – I’m still designing – I’m always knitting – but the editing and publishing takes a lot of mental focus that I just don’t have right now.

The second darn is a literal; mom had a small hole in one of her sweaters.


Normally I’d sort of shrug, and roll my eyes at a hole in a store-bought sweater. But this is a wool sweater, people, and she likes it. Mom has been resisting wool for a looooooong time (she’s a delicate flower, you know). So in the interests of advancing my wool agenda, I volunteered to mend it.


(I started by sewing around the hole.  That area is about the size of a pea.)

I darn my wool socks because they take a long time to knit. And I have a couple pairs of jeans that I lend by hand, because I like the patterns of wear. So I figured I would approach this very light and fine sweater in the same way as a sock.  Start by securing the edges, then create fabric over top by weaving.


This is where I was creating warp threads – the thread itself had more oomph than the sweater material. (The thread is what I use to mend my jeans, it’s a variegated cotton buttonhole twist.)


If it weren’t multicoloured, or on the top of the wrist (aka: obvious spot), I probably would have said good enough.  Or if it were for me.  If it was for me, realistically, it wouldn’t have been a blue sweater and I would have done a contrasting mend… but that’s another story!


So I decided to break out my rusty embroidery skills. As we are in the car, I McGuyvered a foundation for the stitching out of a piece of paper napkin, and stitched some leaves and then made myself proud by remembering how to neatly execute French knots.  I don’t think I’ve made a French knot since I was fifteen…

I’ve been doing more sewing, and that’s probably what the next posts will be about. Hope all is well in your world!

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