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Shocking Yet True

I was at a yarn store earlier today.  (This is not the shocking part.)

I’ve taken essentially a year away to help others deal with concerns… but my knitting and design is an important part of who I am, so I’m picking the design part up again.  I missed it.  I really enjoy the puzzle aspect of turning an idea into a chart and written instructions that others can make their own versions of things.

I never really stop(ped) knitting.

I have been working on using yarn from my stash, and just in general being mindful of consumption.  The stop by the yarn store was thought-out and justified  – I wanted to see if there was anything really inspiring, and I was also on the hunt for some super bulky yarn for a project.  I have very little yarn that is heavier than a worsted.  (This is still not the shocking part.)  As well, this is a LYS that’s actually a fair ways away from me, so I don’t stop by it very often, and I took advantage of today’s errand to pop in.  Anyways.


This right here is where it gets shocking.  I liked two yarns – one a heathered, tonal green/brown/grey, and one that is Noro.


I liked the soft heathered neutral better.  I didn’t go for the pink and purple and yellow and orange and fuchsia and violet Noro madness.

Stunning on two counts.  One, I picked a neutral, and two, I RESISTED NORO.

If you have never sworn to quit Noro then I don’t think you can fully appreciate this moment. Of course, I still have (cough) some Noro in my stash… but I didn’t buy more today!  No!  Not today!  And I genuinely liked the neutral better – and if you don’t know my deep and abiding love for colour, and wild colour combos, and varigated yarn, then you may be a little mystified as to why the neutral win is shocking.

Okay, I’m going to quit crowing and get back to work.  I’m hoping to post more often – I know I say that, but I really mean it, too.  My laptop had a tragic life event, and that derailed everything for a while…

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