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Stashes Must Be Self-Levelling

We got home from holidays, and my third thought in the door was “I have too much STUFF”. (First thoughts were “I’m glad” to be home and “let’s get the laundry started”.)

As it happens, my knitting guild* had its annual garage sale last week, so I liberated a bunch of my stash to people who will love it more/knit it sooner than me. I thought I did very well; I only succumbed to some rainbow sock yarn (rainbow sweaters for the littles!) and a skein of grellow sock yarn.

Ah, grellow. For a while, orange yarn was my kryptonite. Then I got the most stunning orange silk from Sanguine Gryphon, and thought I was impervious. Nope, turns out I’m after the perfect combination of grey and yellow now. But I digress.

I went through the house and cleared out a bunch of stuff for charity. A whole bunch.

I did bring some new yarn home from Italy. And I sort of bought a whole new sweater’s worth of yarn the other night… So, the yarn destash is clearly not about making the stash smaller.

I’m beginning to think that there should be a equation out there that describes the specific mass of an individual’s stash… It should take into account the individual’s passion for knit/crochet, color, texture, supporting artisans; their storage space, and maybe their astrological sign?

And the stash is clearly self-levelling. I got rid of some yarn, and the universe tossed yarn at me. Once the mail delivers the last of it, equilibrium shall once more be established.

That said, I’m going to go and knit, the stash isn’t going to knit itself!**

*the Gilli-Hooks, who primarily knit and meet in Calgary, not to be confused with my weavers’s guid, the Sheep Creek Weavers, who weave, knit, dye, and otherwise, and meet in Millarville once a month. Both excellent. No, I don’t weave. Yes, I realize that associating with weavers is sorta… high risk behavior for someone who doesn’t need another hobby, er, passion.

**thank goodness. I hate to think how I’d feel if my favorite orange yarn knit itself into something I didn’t like! Some sunny day, I’ll take pictures of my orange yarn terrarium.

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