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Introducing the Cufflink Shawl

I’m so proud of this design… it’s my first publication by a major magazine.  Introducing the Cufflink Shawl, part of Interweave Knits Accessories 2011.

It’s a trapezoid shape – if geometry is something that challenged you back in school, imagine a long rectangle that has had it’s ends fall in towards each other.

It features a small, repeating Estonian lace stitch that increases and decreases organically.  There’s a narrow garter edge with buttonholes worked in, which can be used with cufflinks (or buttons sewn together as cufflinks) to style it in a variety of ways.

The magazine is on newstands as of December 6th… although I know a couple knitters have copies already!  The (small, not unexpected) irony is that as a designer in that issue, I should be sent a copy.  I’m betting I’ll get that copy around Xmas… and I’ll be running right out to get a hard copy as soon as the furnace repair people are done!

PS: The photographs I took are a tad odd, but they do show the shawl as it was freshly blocked, not after it had been packaged up, mailed, and styled.

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  1. random Cindy says:

    How cool is that?!