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Something Exciting Is Going To Happen Next Week…*

(And I’m not just talking about Halloween.  Although that’s plenty exciting, especially if you’re four and have a purple rainbow unicorn costume – with WINGS!*  But I digress…)

You see, Make 1 is hosting the Tapas yarn club… and I’m delighted to be the designer for the second installment, Escalope.

Escalope is a small shawl worked in a single skein of Yummy Yarn’s hand-dyes; Sam came up with something special and subtle for me to work with.  This yarn club is truly unique, in that all four designers, the dyer, the graphic artist behind the posters, and our host Bess of Make 1 are all Calgarian!  There’s a limited amount of kits, which include the pattern, the yarn, a project bag, and a little treat.

The launch is next Friday evening, Nov 4th (6:30-9, I believe, but check with Bess to be sure!).  There will be food, and drink, and fun.  There’s also going to be not one but two trunk shows: Sam will have her Yummy Yarns there, and I’ll have my designs.

And just because I can’t resist, here’s a teaser:***  It’s not as striking as the poster… and I did strip all the colors out, too.

(In case you’re curious, Escalope is the Old French for ‘shell’, and is where scallops get their name from.  That’s where my inspiration started… to see the end result you’ll have to stop by next Friday!  Hope to see you there.)

*Superstar neighbour L____ let it to us.

**Awful Pun: I guess I could say “Something Escaloping Is Going To Happen Next Week”

***(seem familiar? http://www.kourtneyrobinson.com/blog/2007/01/12/i-love-the-color/ )

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  1. Joanne says:

    I suspect that your shawl pattern will be wildly successful!!

    Thanks for the links to bead shops. I’ll be checking them out once my yarn arrives for the gloves. I appreciate the help.